A spot of Brown Patch is not a term for coffee!

Rhizoctonia species fungus or better known as Brown Patch is often caused by over watering a yard!

Really, how can someone over water a yard in Austin, Texas?

What happens is this!  The August heat forces us to have our sprinkler systems programmed to send gallons of water to our distressed plants.  However, the earth changes in September and October and the plants no longer require the same amount of water.

Let’s face it, we are not good about changing the watering cycle!

Within a very short period of time we go from not enough water to too much H2O and the fungus begins.  Keep in mind that most of the soil in Central Texas is very compact and the water has very little room to dissipate before it saturates the roots of the turf grass.

Micro-Life Organics has the following information to share with you!

“The solution for many homeowners and lawn professionals is to apply a chemical fungicide in response. That is absolutely the wrong thing to do! Chemical fungicides are toxic poisons that kill good microbes and only temporarily abate Brown Patch.

Without the good microbes to protect the turf grass, Brown Patch becomes a recurring problem. The Organic approach, by solving the core issue of soil health, will solve the problem on a permanent basis and will do so safely. This is important because all chemical fungicides are dangerous to humans and animals.”

micro life.jpg

To avoid and prevent Brown Patch then is pretty easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Never use chemical fertilizers as they compact the soil.
  • Never use chemical fungicides as they kill off the natural enemies of Brown Patch.
  • Remember the Fall Equinox, September 23rd. At that date turf grass physiologically changes. It goes from active growing to its dormant state. This means it needs much less water.
  • Avoid too much water! Most people remember the hot summer and forget to turn their turf irrigation water down. As a general rule, after September 23rd, turf grass does not need more than one irrigation per week.
  • Throughout the year only use quality Organic fertilizers like Micro-Life to loosen the soil and increase the good microbes population numbers.
  • To further prevent and treat Brown Patch apply a well proven Bio Inoculate like Micro-Gro Granular which colonizes around the root system, protecting the plant from harmful root pathogens.


Micro Life Organics are available at Zinger Hardware located at 4001 N Lamar Blvd in beautiful  Austin, Texas 78756.



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