On a recent walkabout in Kempner Texas, I had the strangest encounter!

Zinger Hardware had the request of a customer to install a 2500 gallon Rain Harvest tank on their ranch and the over flow fitting required a 4.5″ hole saw bit.  Naturally, we brought the wrong size and needed to find one in the near by town of Lampasas.  Here is an account of this strange but very true encounter!

On the edge of Lampasas town center there is a national retail ranch supply outfit that we assumed would have the 4.5″ hole saw we sought.  Upon entering the retail store there were several enthusiastic employees to help.  I asked for directions to the area in the store where I might find a hole saw.hole-sawhole-saw-2

“Oh yes sir we have holes saws … we have plenty of them… yes sir!  You just head down the main aisle and the third on the left is where you will find them… Yes sir right down there we have hole saws.”

I proceeded to the aisle that was indicated and to my dismay did not find a single one. Walking the aisle a second time, I decided to walk the next aisle in case I was mistaken. and again I did not see any hole saws.  Befuddled, I returned to the front to ask the salesperson again.

I repeated my request and he answered ” Oh yes sir we have plenty of hole saws!  … they’re right down there!”

I scratched my head and described the tool that was being asked for.  ” I am looking for a 4.5″ round bit that fits onto a drill to cut a round hole in the side of a rain tank, a hole saw!”

The salesperson promptly responded Oh no sir!… I thought you meant you were lookin’ for a wholesaw …. W.. H.. O.. L.. E.. S.. A.. W!  and proceeded to spell it out!

Come on in to Zinger Hardware and I’ll show you where the hole saws and the whole saws are personally!  I hope you enjoyed today’s walk about and join us at 4001 N Lamar Blvd in Austin Texas 78756

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