Downtown Awesome!

Downtown Austin is AWESOME!

The use of sustainable materials and clever design makes Austin spark with Architectural relevance!

Every time we take a walk about on delivery, we will post some of the highlights.

On the East Side this condo, shown here, has crisp clean lines with accents of metal and galvanized guttering.  The large gutters keep the run off from creating back-wash onto the white walls.  The synthetic turf makes an ideal courtyard for playing in what would otherwise be a difficult mowing area.  The synthetic turf is installed over a playground pad for the safety of young children.  Fabulous use of a small 12 x 30 space

In keeping with sustainability the 100 gallon rain tank fits cleanly in the space without bringing attention.  Love it!  Awesome job!


100 gallon rain tank with Sunshield protection

The house below is a sleek new home tucked away in the Shoal Creek corridor.  A beautiful blend of smooth plaster and stacked stone.  Simplicity and clean lines offers a welcoming entrance.  The xeriscape lends to the sustainable  water issues common in the Austin area!


CRP barstool offers a moment of solitude in the front garden.

Hope you enjoyed our Walk about and we will continue showing sneak peeks into the life of Downtown Austin.  In the meantime stop into Zinger Hardware for your own walk about and enjoy a bag of old fashioned popcorn on us!

4001 N Lamar blvd Suite 300  Awesome, Texas  78756

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