By Hell or High Water

Some individuals claim that the name for the Grand Cayman Isle of “Hell” is derived from the fact that if a pebble is thrown into the limestone formation, it echoes among the limestone peaks and valleys and sounds as if the pebble is falling all the way down to “Hell.”

In a far away island we are reminded why there is an urgency to nurture our land and build the natural resources.  Over the last 65 years we have been encouraged to supplement our soil with chemicals that promise to offer glorious plant growth without weeds and insects.

We have been that pebble falling towards the gates of hell ever since!

WHAT! – Mother Nature has two extremes of soil – Bacterial based and Fungal based.  In a bacterial based soil you will see Mother Nature seek help from weeds and fire ants to aerate soil and create fast growing roots to break up the compact soil.  Weeds quickly die and begin the long arduous movement of turning this dry gnarly soil into something better.  In a fungal state the soil is infused with microbial activity that clings to the roots rhizomes converting food for the plants.   This microbial system also feeds on insect larvae and chokes out weeds.  So why would we ever add something that would encourage the bad and strike down the good?

WHY? -If we add chemicals that are loaded with salt and chlorine the microbial will die, the earth will be forced into a bacterial state and weeds and fire ants will thrive.  So every year we are convinced by major national marketing that we need to add weed killer, fire ant killer, and plant food supplements.

WHOA -To top off the illusion of saving our land the addition of Atrazine has struck our vital trees including the beautiful live oaks that have lived for hundreds of years in the south.  Preservation Tree states this better than any other source: Atrazine shuts down the sugar making process of selected plants. Once absorbed, the plant can no longer feed itself. For small weeds, the kill happens quickly, but for our gorgeous live oaks it can often mean a slow death!   A mature tree can tolerate one application of Atrazine and still have time to flush it from the root system before permanent damage is done. However, that depends on the time of year the product is applied and how often a homeowner applies the product. Weed and feed products are often applied in spring, which is the worst time for your trees. Atrazine will hurt your trees the most as they are pushing out their new spring growth. Be mindful, a mature tree can tolerate one application of such a product annually, more applications can lead to the tree’s death.

What can you do to change this vicious cycle?  Create a sustainable world one garden at a time!!!

Stop using chemical weed and feed products;

Start adding Carbon and Humates back into the land;

Start adding Microbial material to create a live soil to begin the breakdown of sugars for plants.

Collect rain water that is natural, free of heavy salt and chlorine!

At Zinger Hardware we care about the land and how our Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems can help our guests to take steps to reach their goals of sustainability.  Join us at 4001 N Lamar Austin Texas to learn more about products that can create a greener world!


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