Where do you put a 21,625 pound Gorilla?

ANYWHERE YOU WANT!  So where will you place your 21,625 pound gorilla?

This rain harvest system incorporates an adorable pavilion in the Texas Hill Country and a 2500 gallon rain water tank from Zinger Hardware.  In this installation there is a Leaf Eater basket designed to allow leaves to flush away from the upper intake pipes stationed below the gutter.  Below this device is a vertical First Flush system that captures the first water off the roof that is often dirty.  The vertical PVC pipe shown below captures this dirty water until a float valve closes capturing your pure rain water in the tank.

This natural capturing system allows for non potable water to be stored at the ranch offering fresh water for use in a remote site.

gorilla 2

Note the overflow pip is directed away from the pavilion and has a Mozzie stopper valve on the end.  This gizmo fits over the end of the exit tube and sports a fine mesh screen to keep mosquitoes and other vermin out.  During a heavy rainfall the trap will open allowing full flow and shutting as the water recedes.

Note the pad site for this tank has been prepared with decomposed granite to absorb any condensation and to provide a level platform.  It is always important to make certain there are no sharp objects below the tank that might settle upwards and puncture the tank bottom.  Water in central Texas weights 8.65 pounds per gallon making this a 21,625 pound gorilla!


gorilla 1

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