The Anatomy of Rain Tanks

Rain collection or Rain Harvesting is a simple process of collecting fresh rain water from your roof or other collection points.  Here at Zinger Hardware we are always asked how this magical process works.  So here is the anatomy of the Rain tank in a simple 250 gallon installation setup.

In the image below is a home that recently installed gutters through Zinger Hardware.  The gutter is the collection source and the quality of installation is important to this process.  I recommend our partner Austin Gutter King for this crucial step in the process if your home is without gutters or simply needs new ones.

Rain Tank and Rain Harvesting

Rain Harvest tank installed with gutters from Austin Gutter King

As you can see the gutters are blended beautifully with the fascia and lend a very modern look to the home facade.  The missing down spout will now be installed to drop from the small opening straight into the top of the tank.  Now what cannot be seen is the tightly woven screen on top that allows water to pass but mosquitoes to stay out!

We have raised the tank 12″ to avoid damage from the lawn mower and weed wacker.  The ring is filled with crushed granite.  We have installed a garden spigot for watering buckets & Cans.  Below you will notice the ball valve installed for potential future pump and clean out.

rain tank 2

Yes your tank will fill up and the excess rain water will need to go somewhere.  The over flow pipe is fitted neatly beside the tank and has a flapper valve on the end to prevent bugs and rodents from moving into the tank.  I do recommend customers to paint the white PVC to protect the plastic pipe from UV damage.  I like to spray the pipe with the galvanized look or blend the color into the trim of the house.

Now you are ready for collecting rain water!  I hope this Simple Clever Solution to an Everyday Problem was help full.  Stop by with your questions and grab a bag of old fashion popcorn.  We are located at 4001 North Lamar Boulevard in the Central Market Plaza or visit us on line at



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