Texas School For The Blind sees what we sometimes miss!

The Texas School For The Blind and Visually Impaired challenges young men and women to work in the community.  TSBVI sees what others sometimes miss in these fantastic young adults.  It is with great pleasure that we got to know and appreciate our summer intern Jonathan.  Over the last few weeks “Jo Nathan” has warmed us with his smile and fantastic customer service skills.  He wanted to be placed into a bakery environment to follow his passion and instead his coach placed him at Zinger, a Hardware Store!


Jonathan proudly presents his summer internship program

Jonathan couldn’t understand then that his coach saw something in him that needed to be let out-a skilled and vibrant personality that needs to be shared with the public.

Each summer Zinger participates in the TSBVI program with a great sense of wonderment. To watch these adults learn to be accepted by staff and customers not by what they can or cannot see, but by the sole character of their spirit and overwhelming personalities.

Please stop into Zinger tomorrow from 9-12 to say hi to a great young man that deserves a pat on the shoulder and encouragement as he moves on to his next adventure.

Zinger Hardware & General Merchant, Inc.  4001 N Lamar Blvd.  512-381-8111




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