Tourist Takes to America’s No. 1 Pastime

Tourist takes to America’s no. 1 pastime of porch sitting… even if it is in this extra large Adirondack chairIMG_3453.  At Zinger Hardware located in Austin Texas, tourists flock to have their picture taken in the oversized chair.  From international travelers to teacup pups. Porch sitting is back in vogue.

Now the trick is how does one get down!  The answer is “not with grace!”

But is it worth it?

Yes! To recall Lily Tomlin and her skit  as Edith Ann, the answer is definitely, “it is worth ever minute of embarrassment and laughter.”

I will let you decide so come visit Austin’s #1 tourist destination hardware store located at 4001 N Lamar Blvd Austin, Texas 78756  512-381-8111.  

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