Where is Alfred Hitchcock when you need him: Zika Virus step 9 in the prevention of infection from Mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus

Mosquitoe attack

Mosquito cloud terrorizes village

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Zika Virus Step 9 in prevention of infection from the Zika Virus.  Apply healthy micro-organisms and nematodes to the lawn and garden area to feast on insects and larvae.  Lab tests are conclusive that fungus-exposed mosquitoes lived for significantly shorter periods than uninfected mosquitoes.  Additionally, the larvae survival rate is also greatly reduced.

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alfred hitchcock

Summon the Birds why don’t you!

The staff at Zinger Hardware recommend the use of Micro Life organic fertilizer for healthy soil control of insects.  The short answer is Mother Nature has two extremes of soil content: Bacterial based and Fungal based.  In a bacterial based state, Mother Nature promotes the growth of weeds and nasty insects.  In a fungal based soil, weeds and nasty insects are reduced and the carbon transfer to plants increases, causing a healthier environment.  You have just learned Scott’s fertilizer’s secret: Add salt to the soil and keep the environment in an unnatural bacterial state.  Why would a company do this?  Simpy put, you will in desperation buy weed and fire ant killer.

In a fungal state, insects are reduced and used as food for healthy micro organisms. Mother Nature provides a life cycle that we need to promote and sustain to beat the mosquito population.  So in Step 9, I recommend the addition of microbial and nematodes to the soil for reducing the environment in which the insects like to breed.  I am going to repeat myself – “Lab tests are conclusive that Fungus-exposed mosquitoes lived for significantly shorter periods than uninfected mosquitoes”.

06 micro lifeMicroLife Multi-Purpose 6-2-4

The very first MicroLife, multi-purpose, fantastic performer and proven fertilizer for all Turfgrasses, Ornamentals, Perennials, Trees, Flowers and Vegetables. MicroLife products are 100% slow release and will not burn. You can depend on this product to serve you well for increasing all plant performance. Provides over 100+ nutrients, minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones, natural plant stimulators, essential sugars/amino acids/carbon/protein and billions of beneficial microbes representing 76 different species.

This is an extremely powerful, homogenous, granulated All Organic Biological fertilizer containing: Fish, Kelp, Molasses, Emery Humates, Bat Guano, Rock Phosphate,Wheat Middling’s, Soy Meal, Cottonseed Meal, Alfalfa, Corn Meal, Kmag, Potassium Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, 18 select Amino Acids, Folic Acid,Vitamins, plus the MicroGro Supreme Bio-Inoculant package which contains billions of beneficial microorganisms including Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal fungi.All ingredients are included in meaningful amounts.

MicroLife products improve all soils by feeding the indigenous microbes, adding billions more, and provide specific soil improvement like polysaccharides, humic acid, fulvic acid and the major building blocks of life. MicroLife 6-2-4 builds big root systems which further improves the soil and reduces water use.

Mosquito swarm

Mosquito swarm

Stop into Zinger Hardware to start the change in your home environment and “take a stand against mosquitoes”.  #ZikaVirus  #MosquitoControl  # InsectControl #MosquitoSpray  #MosquitoSwarm


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