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Alien Mosquitoes

After the alien attack!

The folks at describe the two foggers in the following way:

Thermal foggers are better suited for dispensing repellent than ULV foggers. Thermal foggers have the advantage of producing particles in smaller size than ULV foggers and the fog is also easily visible, which makes them better in  applications such as:

  • Mosquito and insect control. Because of small droplets that a thermal fogger produces, they are good for mosquito and other smaller insect control. For mosquito control the best droplet size is from 5-20 microns, and most thermal foggers will produce particles in this range.
  • Controlled outdoor fogging. Because fog that a thermal fogger produces is thick and easily visible, you can more easily control the direction of fogging. This will make an outdoor fogging more directional, versus ULV fogging devices that produce hardly visible fog.
  • Fogging obstructed areas. Because of small particle size, fog produced by a thermal fogger can reach in very small places such as floor gaps, cracks in walls and similar places indoors, or into thick bushes, long grass, high tree tops and other hard to reach outdoor places.

ULV foggers in contrast do not use extensive heat in the fogging process, so they can be used indoors without fire risks. Also, ULV foggers produce almost invisible fog and allow to adjust particle size, so they can be used in more applications than thermal foggers. ULV foggers are used:

  • In any indoor place. As mentioned above, ULV foggers use cold fogging techniques, so they are safe to use indoors.
  • For odor control and disinfection. ULV foggers are often used to disinfectant houses and large warehouses as well as control unpleasant odors in such areas. ULV foggers can be left to work automatically and there isn’t need for a person to operate the fogger all the time as with thermal foggers.
  • To get rid of molds. ULV foggers are also used with special chemicals to get rid of molds in indoor areas.
  • On plants and greenhouses. Because ULV foggers allow to adjust particle size, they can also be used outdoors or in greenhouses to spray different solution on plants.
  • Indoor and outdoor pest control. ULV foggers are the best pest control method for indoor areas, however, they are also used outdoors, for example to control mosquitoes. Although ULV foggers cannot produce such small particles as thermal foggers, some ULV foggers can produce particles from 5-20 micron range, which is effective for mosquito control. One disadvantage with using ULV foggers outdoors is that they produce almost invisible fog, so it is going to be harder to control the direction of the fog.

Stop by Zinger to learn more on mosquito control and natural insect repellents.

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