Have you ever wondered how such a tiny insect can create such havoc? Mosquitoes carry the Zika Virus

Step 8 in the prevention of infection from mosquitoes carrying the #ZikaVirus: Spread mosquito barrier granules around porches, door stoops, and any seating area, outdoor living area and/or entry to the house.   There are several new natural products that can last for 2-6 weeks when applied properly and will offer a deterrent to mosquitoes.  By spreading a solid repellent the barrier will be increased surrounding the outdoor living area.  Each step taken in preventing mosquitoes from entering into the area often used for entertainment, parties, pools and general outdoor enjoyment will add another layer of prevention.  See the recommended products that the staff at Zinger have picked for you.

This 10 step Guide is brought to you by Zinger Hardware & General Merchant, the authority in “Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems”.Be sure to sign up for our email or Facebook to follow along with this series! Or just stop by Zinger Hardware and enjoy a bag of popcorn while you wander the store.  We are located at 4001 N. Lamar, suite 300 in Austin, Texas 78756 512-381-8111

Mosquito beater1.5 LB, 4,000 SQFT Coverage, Mosquito Beater Granules, New All Natural Granules Repel Mosquitoes & Other Biting Insects For Up To 30 Days, Pleasant Scent & Safe To Use In Pet & Children’s Play Areas, Shaker Applicator Covers 4,000 SQFT, Create A Mosquito Free Zone Around Play Equipment, Pools, Patios & Decks.

skeeter screen

This shaker of spreadable granules is an all natural way to create a barrier along a porch, patio, or pool.  The product is DEET Free and Pyrethrine Free.  Additionally, the product is  Biodegradable and has No Harmful Chemicals.

#Mosquito control  # Natural insect control  # Zika Virus  #CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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