Is your Dad just Full of It? The perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Is #HowardStern Full of It?  Not any more, he is a fan of the Squatty Potty!

Howard Stern a fan of Squatty PottyThis Father’s Day Gift is brought to you by Zinger Hardware & General Merchant, the authority in “Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems”. Be sure to sign up for our email or Facebook to follow along with this series! Or just stop by Zinger Hardware and enjoy a bag of popcorn while you wander the store.  We are located at 4001 N. Lamar, suite 300 in the Central Market Shopping Center.

Have you ever uttered these words to your dear old Dad, ” You are just full of it”?

For those of you who have expressed this sentiment, this Father’s Day give him the gift that will allow him to relieve all the Cr… he has been storing up.  Give him the  Squatty Potty ®.  Tell him to take a seat in his favorite chair and relax.  The  #SquattyPotty ® will offer him the optimal elimination posture!  Constipation, irritable bowels, hemorrhoids, and general health is improved when the body is able to have proper bowel movement.  Hopefully a cheerful Dear Old Dad as well.  Give him the  Squatty Potty ® not just for his health but for the family’s as well.

Will it be difficult for him to keep the squat position?  Honestly you don’t care, all you want is for him, this #Father’sDay,  not be full of himself any longer.  But for the record, squatting becomes easier as your body adjusts to the new throne posture.

The Squatty Potty ®  will store under the toilet so Mom won’t have to worry about the look of her Water Closet. This makes taking a seat easy… simply “pull the Squatty Potty® out to a comfortable distance and place your feet on the foot rests. Remember, the more you simulate a natural squat position, the better.”

Here is the technical information on the Squatty Potty®.  It  works perfectly with ANY standard toilet. A 7″ Squatty Potty works with both standard (14″-15.5″) and comfort height (16″-18″) toilets. If you are limber or an advanced squatter, a 9″ Squatty Potty will work best.

FYI for those guys that sprinkle when they tinkle, have them clean their new Father’s Day gift with toilet cleaner and a soft rag.  And to keep them aiming into the bowl try our Toilet Bowl Targets.  A Zinger exclusive!   Check out our line of other toilet time products at or visit us at

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