Zika Virus step 6 in the prevention of infection from Mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus

Close Up of a Mosquito Biting Into Human Skin

I would like to thank Bryan Reynolds for this compelling photo.  Bryon should add Zika and West Nile virus to his list of  diseases carried by mosquitoes.  Malaria, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis, and viral encephalitis.

Step 6 of the Ten steps to prevent infection from Mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus. Remove all debris, leaves, tarps, and any ground cover material that might hold water for breeding mosquitoes.

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Be sure to collect any loose produce bags, plastic shopping bags, and or plastic/Styrofoam debris that may hold a small pool of water.   Although humans are prone to looking down, we are also not always looking for debris that may have blown in during a storm.   Small bushes and out of the way nooks and crannies are common catchments for these parcels… and a perfect hide-away for breeding mosquitoes that can carry disease such as the Zika Virus.


If you have been following our series, you will have already trimmed the shrubbery up away from the ground clearing the under growth at around the 10″ height.  This allows  air to circulate and the debris should be fairly easily removed by hand or with a Mr. Longarm gadget. Be certain to turn over any wet mulch and compacted soil that may remain damp for extended periods of time.  Along the way look for build up of leaves and piles of dead vegetation that can hold water between the layers.

Bamboo is a wonderful privacy hedge, however the leaves form in such a manner that each creates a small teacup at the base along the stalk.  The leaves also tend to pile under the canopy and stay moist.  This creates a two fold problem when trying to control Mosquitoes.  First you will need to attempt to control the mosquito growth within the leaf structure.  I recommend a product from Bonide labeled Mosquito Beater.  There are two versions of this product.  The tan label indicates All Natural and is highly effective as a barrier.  How ever for  bamboo, admittedly, I recommend the Purple label which has a kill ingredient.  Bamboo in my opinion is the second largest growth area within the Austin city limits for breeding mosquitoes.  Only Creek bed areas are No. 1!

Lastly, use a blower to collect the remainder of debris and piles of leaves that may have escaped during the roundup.  I would recommend an application of Bonide Mosquito Beater natural with the tan label as a full broadcast application.  Again, this product is all natural and attaches to the garden hose for easy spraying.  Additionally, from Bonide and Skeeter there are granules that can be sprinkled along garden areas, decks, porches and outdoor living areas to create smaller barrier  against unwanted Skeeters.

Now there is a Clever Solution to an Everyday Problem!

Remember Stop by Zinger Hardware and enjoy a bag of popcorn while you wander the store.  We are located at 4001 N. Lamar, suite 300 in Austin, Texas 78756 512-381-8111

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