MEMORIAL DAY Grill Guide Part 4

This Memorial Day Grill Guide is brought to you by Zinger Hardware & General Merchant, the authority in “Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems”

This is the last in our Grill Guide Series Part 4 

This is a 4 part guide so be sure to sign up for our email or Facebook to follow along with this series and many other “Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems”.

 Rocky Mountain Electric


  •  Electric: Smokey Mountain, Masterbuilt, Cookshack, Landmann, Char-Broil.

 Pros:  Easy and convenient

Retains foods moisture

Cons: Does not produce a bark or smoke ring

Product life can be limited, 3-6 years for overseas manufactured units

No electricity, no food

REFER TO OUR WOOD CHIP GUIDE CLICK HERE to learn more about how to flavor your food when grilling!

TV LandmanTV Landman 2

Propane Smokers

Propane: Smoke Hollow, Landmann.

Pros: Easy and convenient,

Good temperature control

Cons: For safety reasons the unit must be vented, they often do not retain the smoke well

Some people with sensitive food palates can taste the gas fumes

Product life can be limited, 3-6 years for overseas manufactured units


Stop by Zinger Hardware and enjoy a bag of popcorn while you wander the store.  We are located at 4001 N. Lamar, suite 300 in Austin, Texas 78756 512-381-8111

“Thank you all for giving us this opportunity to share our Memorial Day Guide and hope to see you all in the store some day.  We are always glad to share a bag of popcorn or other treats from our tasting bar.   I will also like to remind all of us at 3 pm on Memorial Day to give pause for our Soldiers and Service Personnel that we celebrate in honor of their sacrifices”  

 B. Michael Ferweda, CEO Zinger Hardware & General Merchant, Inc.

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