MEMORIAL DAY Grill Guide Part 2

This Memorial Day Grill Guide is brought to you by Zinger Hardware & General Merchant, the authority in “Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems” – Stop by  and enjoy a bag of popcorn while you wander the store.

 The Evolution of Memorial Day Celebrations

For those service personnel that have been wounded or have lost comrades, I would like to honor you by saying thank you for serving our country.  Our celebrations sometimes over shadow our gratitude for your sacrifice and dedication to keep our nation secure.

Before I continue with our Grill Guide the following article was published by Barbara Maranzani on the site back in 2013.  I cannot say more…

“Despite the increasing celebration of the holiday as a summer rite of passage, there are some formal rituals still on the books: The American flag should be hung at half-staff until noon on Memorial Day, then raised to the top of the staff. And since 2000, when the U.S. Congress passed legislation, all Americans are encouraged to pause for a National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. local time. The federal government has also used the holiday to honor non-Veterans—the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated on Memorial Day 1922. And, while its origins have little to do with fallen soldiers, the Indianapolis 500 has certainly become a Memorial Day tradition of its own–this year marks the 102nd time the race will be run to coincide with the holiday.”

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TV weber grill

Weber Genesis Grill From Zinger Hardware & True Value


TV grill 2

Gas Natural and Propane

It’s a Gas… Gas… Gasss!

  • Gas (Natural or Propane) is simple to use and can offer a wide range of options, from rotisseries, to infrared, to a variety of grill sizes and styles to fit every outdoor entertainment area.  Yes, even tailgating!
  • Our favorite of these “masters of grilling” are the smartly simple “Q grills” from Weber. They are light and nimble for use on the tailgate of any truck or SUV.  They are offered in an electric version for the apartment dweller and they have a host of different accessories from griddles to taco racks. 

TV Weber Q

  • REFER TO OUR WOOD CHIP GUIDE CLICK HERE to learn more about how to flavor your food when grilling!


  • Gas (Natural or Propane): Weber, Broilmaster, Char-Broil, Grill Zone

 Pros:  Ease of use and convenience.

Portable and manageable for tight spaces.

Offered in the widest range of styles and options of any grill series.

Clean efficient fuel source.

Cons: Product life can be limited, 3-6 years for overseas manufactured units.

Flare-ups occur if gill is not cleaned and monitored.

Not an effective smoker.

No added flavor.  It’s hard to get the true flavor of wood chips and charcoal smoke to fully appreciate a true BBQ brisket or rack of ribs.

TV charbroil

  • Electric Grills  and Warmers


  •  Electric grills are sometimes the only option due to apartment regulations, city ordinances, and Home Owner Association requirements. They can be used in tight spaces and offer a relatively safe option for grilling.
  •  I let the cat out of the bag earlier with our favorite pick, the Q series from Weber. Yes, they offer an electric option that is quite easy to use. 
  •  Electric: Weber Q, Kenyon, Char-Broil, George Foreman.

TV Weber electric

Pros:  Ease of use and convenience.

Meets housing regulations in most cases.

110 Volt units can be used on tabletops and are very portable

Cons: 110 Volt units have a very small cooking surface, limited high temperature.

220 Volt units are costly, > $2,000 each, plus 220 Volt wiring expense.

Flare-ups on most, the exception are grills designed for nautical applications.

Not an effective smoker.

No added flavor.

No electricity… no cooking… not good for tailgating!

 Memorial Day Grill Fun Facts

  •  It takes 3 times more natural gas to produce the same amount of BTU’s as propane.
  •  Most non-US produced charcoal comes from South America, Africa or Southeast Asia. They manufacture it by bulldozing indigenous trees into a pile, they light it with flame throwers, put a breathing tube down the middle and then bury it with dirt.  They come back in about 2 weeks, and you have charcoal.
  •  Henry Ford invented the charcoal briquette in the 1920’s. He was looking for a way to utilize the left over wood that was used to manufacture his cars.
  •  US manufactured charcoal is typically oak and/or hickory.  It is manufactured in a special type of kiln, where it is heated in the absence of oxygen.  The spent gasses from the process are recycled back into the kiln to fire it. Most state governments regulate the process.
  •  Meat accepts no more smoke at about 140° or when it goes into the stall. Cold meat will produce a better smoke ring.
  •  When cooking a turkey, the chef will save the “oysters” as a special treat. They are two muscles on the lower back.  They are the best part of the BBQ.


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