MEMORIAL DAY Grill Guide part 1


Smoke Brisket A Guide to Smoke Flavors

This Memorial Day Grill Guide is brought to you by Zinger Hardware & General Merchant, the authority in “Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems”

Memorial Day Grill Guide

 Since 1868, on the fourth weekend of May, Americans have paid tribute and decoration to those who have fallen in battle.  This day of observance is meant to be a time to reflect on our freedoms won by those brave men and women.  But, Memorial Day can also be a time and a cause for celebration for our lost family, comrades, and leaders so that their memories will never fade as ink on a newspaper that is left unattended. 

 Revel… eat well and celebrate their memories… tell stories… laugh and love… joke and cry as if they were there with you!  This is your time to be with family and friends.  For their sake let’s make memories and keep their spirit alive! 

 Now for those who pine for grilling here is the ultimate grill guide, so that you can make a feast out of serving up BBQ, pizza pies, and everything that goes with smoke flavor.  You will capture our zest for outdoor celebration with some of these marvelous grills made right here in the USA.

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 Charcoal Kettle and Large Oven

As American as baseball, football, and tailgating


weber kettle grill

Weber Kettle Grill Offered By Zinger Hardware

  • Charcoal grills are a mainstay in the backyard. They are cost effective, easily portable and offer a reasonable method for grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.  This style of grill uses two types of fuel that are similar and yet very different. 
  • Two Types of Charcoal: Briquettes and Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

 Briquettes: Are traditionally made from an unusual combination of fuel.  I must admit that the traditional smell of these brings back memories, but once you learn what is in them you may want for another memory.  Briquettes, of traditional American charcoal,  sold in grocery and large box retail stores are formed from Charcoal, Coal, Limestone + other ingredients  including Petroleum Coke. Generally if you can taste the chemical charcoal in the burger then you are eating something that is not healthy for you.

 Lump: Is Hardwood that is heated without oxygen and turned into carbon, burns hotter and longer than briquettes, should have no additives, and leftover fuel can be reused for another round of BBQ.  Look for US Made on the bag for you will know that no rain forests were felled for the charcoal.

 It may go against your better judgment but NEVER USE LIGHTER FLUID OR EASY LIGHT CHARCOAL!  There are many natural ways for starting charcoal fires and lump charcoal will light easily. 

Charcoal Grills: Weber Kettle, Char-Broil, Masterbuilt, Brinkman, Coleman

Pros:   Easy to set up for direct or indirect cooking, high and low temps

Interactive with the fire

Great taste and wood chips or chunks can be added for extra flavor

Cooking “caveman-style”

Uses either type of charcoal

Cons:  Flair-ups when cooking directly

Tricky to get the right temp and hold it, either by air draft or raising or lowering fire  bed

Easy to over-smoke food

REFER TO OUR WOOD CHIP GUIDE CLICK HERE to learn more about how to flavor your food when grilling!

primo grill

The basics of ceramic grill components Primo Grill shown

              Ceramic Style and Kamado

A 2500 year old tribute to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

 Ceramic-style: Big Green Egg, Primo Grills, Kamado Joe, and Vision. These wonderful thermal egg shaped ovens are super-efficient grills.  Once the clay has been heated the radiant heat cooks the food within the chamber.  The denser the clay and ceramic coating the more heat is retained keeping the temperature.  Using the chimney and a lower damper chamber you can regulate the temperature. 

  • Our favorite of the brands is Primo Grills for the following reasons. First, they are still made in the US.  Secondly, their innovative oblong models offer a very useful grill surface.  Lastly, the quality is impressive and the results are scrumptious.

Pros:  Very thermally efficient, holds the set temp for a long time

Retains food moisture

Add wood chips or chunks for extra flavor (use lump charcoal and never lighter fluid)

Cons: Small cooking area without the oblong configuration

Ceramic is fragile and if the stand is not secure they become top heavy.  Hinges have been known to keel and they can get knocked over.

Not a very good smoker, hard to get the temp low enough…here is why.  Food typically absorbs smoke up to around 165 degrees at which point it stops accepting the flavor.

If you over-heat the grill it is almost impossible to bring the temp down in a reasonable time frame.

Direct grilling produces flair ups and you must cook based on time sequences learned or noted in recipes.  The moment you open the lid oxygen enters the hot chamber causing massive flare ups and burnt food.

 Note*** Always burp the Kamado before opening the lid fully.  This will allow for adjustments in the flame and lower the chance for flair.


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