MEMORIAL DAY Cooking Temperature Guide

This Memorial Day Grill Guide is brought to you by Zinger Hardware & General Merchant, the authority in “Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems”

This is the first part of our Memorial Day Guide on Barbecue, Grilling and Smoking.  Please follow us to learn about Charcoal grills, Gas Grills, Pellet Smokers, Charcoal Smokers, and Electric patio grills.  We appreciate the community’s support for shopping local and look forward to your visit to our shop in Austin, Texas.

The 4 part guide will appear daily ove r the Memorial Day Weekend!  Sign up for our email or Facebook to follow along with this series and many other “Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems”.

The following is a simple rule of thumb for cooking temperatures on a grill.  Be sure to use caution and follow the basics in this outline.

Cooking Temperature Guide

  Cold Smoking: < 90°   (cheese, nuts, salts)

            Indirect Heat

 Smoking:  150°–250°   (brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, pork shoulder. poultry**)

            Indirect Heat

 BBQ/Roasting:  250°–375°   (poultry, meatloaf, fruit, breads, vegetables, fish)

            Indirect Heat

 Grilling: > 375°   (steaks, chops, burgers)

            Direct Heat

** Smoked poultry must be finished off at a higher temperature to eliminate bacteria issues and to render the fat from the skin to make it brown and crispy.  Never stuff a smoked turkey!

Meat Temperature Guide


Rare                                         120° – 129°

Medium Rare                        130° – 139°

Medium                                  140° – 149°

Well Done                              150° – 160°

Poultry:                                             165° in the breast

                                                            175° in the thigh

Pork:                                                  140° – 145° letting rest 10 minutes

REFER TO OUR WOOD CHIP GUIDE CLICK HERE to learn more about how to flavor your food when grilling!

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