Zika Virus Step 5 of the Ten Steps to prevent infection from mosquitoes from carrying the Zika Virus

copper gutters

Step 5 of the Ten steps to prevent infection from Mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus. Remove all debris from gutters with a J hook sprayer or other device to eliminate moist debris. This is a one of the most overlooked areas for mosquito breeding. Humans look down mostly.  And rarely do humans look up unless the sky is falling!  Not to mention humans definitely do not look up at a trough that is 10 feet above the ground known as a rain gutter.  The granules from a roof and/or fallen organic matter from trees is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

There is a Clever Solution to an Everyday Problem!

The use of a spray jet device that is in the shape of a J.  The extendable handle allows the J to reach over the edge of the gutter and spray a jet stream of water at all the debris.  Wear your New England boots, and rain slicker for this little device can force water not only down the gutter but over the side if you are not careful.  There are brushes that can be used from a ladder perspective and there are crazy little robots that will promise a clean gutter.  No matter how you go about cleaning those troughs your goal is to eliminate the most unwanted of buzzing insects.. the mosquito!

If by chance you have gutter shields and the style actually holds the leaves in place, I will recommend that you remove the shields and begin the cleaning process.  Our recommendation at Zinger Hardware is to replace the older style gutter shields with the New Gutter Glove.  This mighty fine Stainless Steel screen and  under frame will eliminate the need for cleaning you gutters in the future.  The tight weave prevents all debris from entering the gutter channel and thereby prevents moisture build up.  Additionally the stainless steel fine mesh will not allow for mosquitoes to enter the chamber and thereby eliminates the breeding ground.  I recommend Austin Gutter King the leader in the Austin, Texas area for installing the Gutter Glove.

white gutters

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