Zika Virus Step 4 of the Ten steps to prevent infection from mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus


Zika Virus Step 4 of the Ten steps to prevent infection from mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus

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Fight mosquitoes and control breeding by trimming all bushes, vegetation and trees back away from buildings and trim up from the ground 10″ to allow air flow. The natural air flow will dry out areas normally prone to staying moist.

The moist leaves and mulch that are not on our eye level tend to be great breeding grounds for mosquitoes. With the ever present threat of the Zika Virus spreading via mosquitoes it is a good idea to take control over the environment. There are great hand pruners that work quickly and efficiently for cutting back the lower branches. This offers a chance to clean out dead leaves/branches and create air circulation.

Our staff at #ZingerHardware have found the Corona line of pruners, clippers, and loppers to be some of the best on the market.  My favorite hand tool is the Dual Cut Bypass Pruner. It easily trims through the toughest undergrowth.  No one likes to get down on their hands and explore at an Antman level. Kneeling pads are awesome saviors for this task.  It is a simple correlation: the cleaner the undergrowth allowing air circulation the lower the mosquito count.

The other mighty tool providing a tremendous helping hand when cleaning up the under brush, under the deck, the nooks, and crannies is a mini shrub rake.  The tines can reach areas not accessible to the human arm.  Additionally, it keeps arms from being gnawed on by mosquitoes already inhabiting the under brush. Lastly, the metal tines are usually rigid enough to play tug of war with vines and roots. I swear #GROOT Groot hiding under shrubshides under my bushes at times!!!

I would like to add, it is a good practice to start a compost area from your clippings and cleaning.  A controlled compost area, in time, will provide plenty of nutrition and offer a healthier yard.  The last portion of this little project is to spray a natural mosquito repellent under the trimmed shrubs, trees, and decorative landscaping to assist with the process.

Michael Ferweda

Zinger Hardware & General Merchant



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