Snakes Invade Texas Neighborhoods

Snakes invade Texas neighborhoods giving residents the heebie geebies!
There are two contributing issues to the frequency of human encounters with snakes.  The first issue is the extremely mild winter.  Without the prolong cold and freeze cycle many insects, reptiles, and animals will be more abundant.  Secondly, the heavy rains are saturating areas that force the migration of snakes, rats, and other burrowing critters.

Founded on Clever Solutions To Everyday Problems #ZingerHardware offers the following advice. Based on our customers experience we recommend Dr T’s snake repellent and the all natural Snake Stopper granules from Bonide.  These two products are very effective solutions to controlling the activity of snakes. These products use granules that emit a scent which disrupts the olfactory of a snake repelling them from the area. This product can be used around wood piles, sheds, non vegetable gardens, raised decks, and near entries to garages.  The Snake Stopper can be used near playsets, sandboxes, and other areas frequented by young children and pets.

Keep in mind snakes are a natural element in Texas. As residents we should take precaution to create perimeter barriers to avoid snakes creeping into our outdoor living areas. As my wife often exclaims “God Help Me” if an unwanted critter finds its way into the garage or house!

Snake glue boards can be used to capture snakes but there is the dilemma of disposal.  Remember, not all snakes are venomous or bad.  Please, always be cautious around a venomous snake.  Any snake that feels threatened will fight, attack and defend against a human intruder.
The beneficial side of snakes is their ability to control other unwanted predators.  For instance the Texas rat snake will actually keep other predatory snakes away and control the population of rats that carry diseases.  Another example of a beneficial snake is the Texas blind snake.  This little snake  typically flees the soil in the heavy rains but can be a big help with insects in the garden.

Note When using any repellent be sure there are no snakes within the perimeter before applying.  The last thing you want to do is keep a snake confined within your outdoor living area.

I hope this information may help some of our neighbors and ultimately avoid an encounter with a venomous snake that will turn end as trip to the Emergency Room or veterinarian.

One thought on “Snakes Invade Texas Neighborhoods

  1. Thank you Michael for the advice. snakes have been prity bad, we had a fore foot water moccasin on are back porch about two weeks ago

    Hunter Burt


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