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ecloth article

For those of you with chemical sensitivity and skin reactions, here is your long awaited answer; the e-cloth, a fantastic alternative to chemical cleaning.  These little cloths have 1.6 million fibers per square inch that scrub, breakup dirt, grease and grime.  By holding onto all that nastiness, those little fibers work hard at keeping bacteria off the surfaces often touched by your family.  This is why the e-cloth is #ZingerHardware’s  No.37 on our list of Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems.

We started our testing with the e-cloth duster.  The #e-cloth duster can be used dry for dusting and smudges or lightly dampened with water for harder soiled areas.  *Remember there are different fabrics for different surfaces.  Our staff found the dusting cloths were fantastic in retaining considerably more dust then the average dust wand.  With the advantage of reuse, we are all ecstatic at the reduction in trash normally generated by cleaning wands. The most noticeable benefit from using the dust cloth was the lack of airborne particles, escapees from dusting.

The next cloth we tested is the e-cloth for windows. The results were very clear over the average glass spray cleaner.  The major test was the fine line along the edge of a mirror or glass panel that normally remains dirty.  The e-cloth polished the entire surface and got the halo effect with out issues.  The last test presented to e-cloth for windows was the inside of a car windshield.  The normal off gas from car plastics will fog a windshield and cleaning is nearly impossible.  The e-cloth cleaned efficiently with just a spritzer of water.  Wow!

Now I am sold and want to invite you to further investigate the rest of the line with me!

Non scratch scrubbing pads and washing up pads are always tricky.  We pose the question “Can they be used on stainless steel, glass, painted surfaces, non stick #Teflon, or porcelain”.  After testing we were very surprised at the results. The e-cloth pads outperformed on grimy stove tops, gnarly pots and pans,  Teflon non stick surfaces and just about everything else we could think of.  The one surface we advise not to use these little genius pads on is the fenders of a car.  Guys please do not reach for any scrub pad to be used on the gel clear coat of a car, any scrub pad will scratch the surface!

The last e-cloth we chose to test for the day is the Stainless Steel pack.  We started off gently by testing appliance surfaces and found the cloth to be very effective without the streaks normally associated with  stainless cleaners.  We did need to use water with the cloth on several surfaces that had not been cleaned in sometime.  Then we tested the worst.  The men’s room bathroom partition.  This is the toughest area to maintain in a retail environment.  The result was amazing with the over spray of urine from us guys!  Between the Toilet Bowl Target and the e-cloth we have a good handle on the men’s room cleaning.

Chemical free cleaning with e-cloths keep us from using harmful chemicals.  Most chemicals are not only harmful to humans but to our environment as well.  Take the first step in reducing your health risks with e-cloths and water.  Lower your allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities by using this all chem-free alternative. If you want to explore other Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems follow us on Facebook .

Our store is located at 38th and Lamat Blvd in Austin, Texas

Michael Ferweda


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