Zika Virus Step 3 of the Ten steps to prevent infection from mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus

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Zika Virus Step 3 of the Ten steps to prevent infestion from mosquitoes carrying Zika Virus
Step 3 of the Ten steps to prevent infection from mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus
The Center for Disease and Control are concerned that the mild winter and now heavy rains will bring an onslaught of mosquitoes. The CDC’s concern is over the potential spread of the Zika Virus into the Southern United States. Our articles covering Clever Solutions to this Everyday problem of controlling mosquitoes has been well received by our customers and I would like to share with you Step 3 in the article “Ten steps to prevent infection from mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.”
Step 3) Eliminate all standing water in the yard and work place. Treat water harvesting tanks, Rain tanks, fountains, ponds, livestock tanks, and any vessel that will hold water for more than a day.
We suggest taking a close walk around your home and look for areas where water can stay stagnate for more than 24 hours. Look for saucers under flower pots, scuppers under the rain gutter down spouts, rain gutters that are sagging, low spots in the yard, debris or piles of leaves, pet bowls, tarps, grill covers, yard art and any vessel that will catch water. A good assessment of your yard may surprise you as to how many spots are prone to holding a little water. Take the time to empty these water holding areas and make a habit to empty them after each rain or watering cycle.
Next step is to attend any harvesting tanks, rain tanks, fountains, ponds and livestock tanks. For nonpotable water there are several products that are simple and easy to use that will kill mosquito larvae.
Mosquito Dunks & Bits are organic biological mosquito control that are safe and easy to apply. A single dunk will control up to 100 square feet of surface area of water. Use the bits in smaller vessels and troughs. These are larvicide that gradually settles in the water where it is eaten by mosquito larvae growing there. If the vessel does dry out and then becomes wet again the product will still continue to be effective.
Barley Clear is a natural barley and peat extract that will keep ponds clean and clear thus reducing the habitat for mosquito breeding. Apply to stock tanks not intended for livestock or pets. In addition this product can be safe and effective on rain tanks and harvesting tanks that are not intended for irrigation purposes.
Simply Clear is a fast acting bacterial clarifier that feeds on small size organic compounds. The benefit of application is a clear, clean water source that is self-sustaining as the bacteria grows in the water environment. The product is safe for aquaponics, fish, and organic gardening.
Note* any application of a chemical should be done with caution. Potential contact with skin can offer absorption into the blood stream, please wear gloves. Chemicals can also be ingested by pets and livestock. Also keep in mind vegetables and other foods watered with harvesting tanks can potentially pass the chemical into our systems.
Thank you for taking time to eliminate areas prone to infestation and taking Step 3 to controlling mosquitoes. Please share your Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems and help us to keep others informed.
Defend against blood lusting mosquitoes
B. Michael Ferweda

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