Zika Virus step 2 in the prevention of infection from Mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus


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Zika Virus STEP 2 in the series “Ten steps to prevent infection from mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus”.

On April 16, 2016 I published a post regarding 10 Clever Solutions to the Everyday problem of mosquito control.  The ten simple steps in our article outline methods to control mosquito growth and as a result prevent potential infection from mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

Step 1 Covers the application of a lotion or spray containing ingredients that deter mosquitoes from attacking.

Step 2 Install room diffusers emitting natural fragrance that are a deterrent to mosquitoes.  This will create barrier zone around your living and work quarters to prevent mosquitoes form entering.  There are several brands available on the market but there is one that stands out in our testing at Zinger Hardware.

Our staff at Zinger Hardware discovered a wonderful all natural diffuser, Skeeter Screen, made by a Texas company that is a safe and effective way to deter mosquitoes.  The diffuser utilizes a small porous clay egg that allows essential oils to be absorbed and then gradually diffused into the air.  The diffusion of the Skeeter Screen oils will effectively keep a 200 square foot area protected from mosquito intrusion.  The product is DEET free and can be refilled when needed.  The clay diffuser is glazed on the bottom to prevent damage to a table surface or the egg diffuser can be cradled into a jute nest and hung.  Nest included in the diffuser kit.

After testing diffusers designed to repel mosquitoes, we found that it is best to keep the diffuser near the entrance to your living or work area.  Front porches and entry ways offer an ideal location to hang a diffuser.  Hanging the diffuser will keep the wind from blowing the diffuser over and allows for better area coverage.  Back decks, covered patios, loading docks and any secondary entry should also have a barrier protection zone to keep mosquito intruders from entering your living space.

There are also candles that can be used to diffuse citronella, lemongrass, geranium and other scents that act as a deterrent to mosquitoes.  These candles are effective when burned in 20 minute increments.  I personally love the light from a candle in the early evenings as they cast small flickers across a porch or patio.  The scents can be varied and often times can set a mood for reading, enjoying a good bottle of wine or simply rocking away time.  Candles with the proper essential oils will also provide a barrier but cover a smaller area.  The Skeeter Screen candles sold at Zinger have a burn time of approximately 80 hours and an effective barrier of up to 150 square feet.  Never leave a candle unattended and use common sense when placing an open flame to prevent objects near from blowing into the flame or combusting. 

Please take precautions to create a safe and friendly environment for your family and loved ones.  Share this Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems with your network.

Clever Solutions to Everyday Problems

Michael Ferweda

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