Peeling Garlic Stinks!

by Claudia Hausken

I hate peeling garlic, I mean I REALLY hate it.  Yeah, I’ve tried those recommended techniques – smash it with a knife or roll it over salt – but my fingers still get sticky and smelly and slapping a knife blade also makes me a wee bit nervous.  The best technique in my house up to this point has been placing the garlic cloves between two bowls and shaking.  That being said, although it solves my garlic peeling problem, it creates another problem that I dislike – more clean-up and more dishes to wash.

Silicon Garlic Peeler

oxo-garlic-peeler-[3]-11737-pEnter the amazing silicone Garlic Peeler from OXO Good Grips.  Just place a few garlic cloves inside the small tube and press down and roll with your palm on the countertop and voila!  Your garlic cloves are peeled (not smushed) and your fingers stay clean and there are no extra dishes to wash.   As an added bonus the peels stay inside the tube so you can just shake them out and rinse with water (make sure it dries thoroughly before your next use though).  It even has a handy vented box for storage.OXO Good Grips Garlic Press

Another favorite garlic product is the garlic press, but not just any garlic press.  Again, OXO Good Grips comes through with a garlic press with a built-in cleaner.  A nice ergonomic design with traditional Good Grips handles, this garlic press has a nice weight to it and makes easy work of mincing garlic.  But my favorite part is the built-in cleaner.  Simply flip the handles and squeeze together in the opposite direction and it pops out the garlic stuck in the press’ holes.  Just swipe them out with a knife without having to pick and scrub at the stuck on garlic.

Dreamfarm_Garject_OnWhite_Charcoal_2  Dreamfarm_Garject_OnWhite_Charcoal_7Those were two of my favorites until I found the Garject Garlic Press from Dream Farm – this is seriously my favorite kitchen gadget of all time.  Believe it or not – you don’t even have to PEEL the garlic before placing it into the press.  Squeeze the unpeeled garlic clove like an ordinary garlic press, then bring the handles around and it scrapes the pressed garlic off with a clever little garlic scraper piece.  Flip the “clean out lever” and the peel pops out into the trash.  Give it a quick clean and rinse in the sink and yDreamfarm_Garject_OnWhite_Charcoal_5ou’re done.

It reduces three steps to one, so it saves time.   Less dishes to clean – the Garject does it all – no cutting board, knife, peeler, etc to clean.  And last but not least – no sticky smelly garlic on your fingers or hands.

With less clean-up time you have more time to sit down and enjoy that yummy homemade pasta sauce!

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