Quick and Easy House Fix Up Trick with Mythic Paint

We are in sore need of a kitchen remodel. Old painted white kitchen cabinets and doors show every drip and dribble.  There are dings in our door frames, not to mention smudges and dirt from years gone by.

Pantry-doorHowever, we were having a four year old’s birthday party with lots of folks and we wanted our house to at least look somewhat nice.  So in lieu of a remodel, I thought it would be nice to touch up our cabinets and door frames – but with a small child in the house and the cold weather, I didn’t want paint fumes or to have a bunch of windows open.

I used some drywall spackling to touch up the holes and dings and then bought some Mythic Paint to test it out.  Mythic Paint is a non-toxic, low VOC paint – translated this means that it doesn’t give off the harmful, smelly fumes that regular paint does.  It was so easy to use, covered the spots perfectly and really brightened up our house.  It really did make it look ten times better and we felt more at ease having people over.   My husband was skeptical about our house smelling like paint for the party the next day, but we were both impressed that there was no odor.

Garage-doorIf you do a quick project like this, make sure you give yourself time for the spackling to dry so you can sand it down and paint over it.  I was able to cover up screw holes and indentations in the door frame where a chain lock was once installed by using the spackling and sanding it down.  The other warning I would give is there are a lot of variations of white out there in the paint world.  I was lucky that most of the whitish paint in my house was the standard ceiling white which required no mixing.  One of our doors was a yellowish off white, but looked much better after it was painted to match the other white in the house.

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