Smart Solutions to Smelly Garbage Disposal Drains

Garbage-Disposal drainA lot of food and gunk go down garbage disposal drains and even if your garbage disposal is working properly, it can begin to smell.  We’ve had a horrible smell wafting out of our garbage disposal drain as well as our other kitchen sink drain when we run the water.  It has been getting pretty bad, so that our house smells very garbage-y by the time I get home from work.

I’ve discovered some natural home remedies for this issue and we have tried several of them:

  • Grind up citrus fruit peel in your garbage disposal.  The acid in the fruit helps clean the blades and the walls and the citrus oil deodorizes your drain.  This smelled great when we did it, but it didn’t provide lasting relief.
  • Baking soda is a great option known for it’s deodorizing qualities, so I also tried this – down both drains to no avail.  Although I didn’t try it – I did see a recommendation to try baking soda and then follow it with vinegar, which does sound like a fun science experiment and I think my 4 year old would have loved seeing foam coming up through the sink.

Garbage-Disposal-SmellyAfter these home remedies for our terrible garbage disposal drain odor, I was ready for the ‘big guns’ – time to go with a different solution.  The two commercial solutions I tried were Glisten Disposer Care (Disposer & Drain Foaming Cleaner plus Bleach Alternative) and LemiShine Machine Cleaner (Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals and Washing Machines).

I liked the LemiShine Machine Cleaner for several reasons.  First, it is a more natural solution and is made with real fruit acids, natural citrus oils and sodium bicarbonate (a.k.a. baking soda) and is septic system friendly.  It is also nice that it can be used to maintain, clean and deodorize multiple machines in the home: dishwashers, garage disposals and all types of washing machines.  You do have to open the the packet and pour it into the disposal, but, as it is natural, handling it isn’t as scary.   It would be good on a regular maintenance schedule before your drain gets as bad as ours did.

The Glisten brand was certainly stronger and contains a bit stronger chemicals so I’d recommend trying the LemiShine first.  Glisten Disposer Care worked on our drain funk after 2 treatments.  The process is pretty simple and requires you to run hot water ahead of the treatment, but allows you to place the unopened packet into the sink.  This is beneficial due to the contents of the packet.  Blue foam from the treatment will likely rise out of your drain while it is working.   I didn’t like using the harsher chemicals especially as our garbage disposal, when turned on, occasionally shoots debris up from the drain on the other side of the sink, but as long as that drain is covered everything was fine.

I am happy with the results from the Glisten, but I would still start with the more natural LemiShine if our odor returns.  Glisten does recommend weekly use to prevent build-up and odors.

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