Organizing your Kitchen: the 11 Minute System

Small Kitchen

Use dead space in a cramped kitchen to your advantage

The holiday months are definitely over and you are getting used to writing “2015” on your documents.  It is a great time of year to update and organize your kitchen.  My favorite kitchen organization products come from Hardware Resources’ 11-Minute-or-less organization system.   They’re clever, quick and easy to install – and they can make a big impact in a cluttered kitchen.   Most of these items have four screws or less and install in under 11 minutes!

In the sink area try the Tip-Out Tray or Dish Towel Holder.  De-clutter your sink area by hiding your cleaning and drying with the Tip-Out Tray and the Dish Towel Holder.  The Tip-Out Tray kit converts the decorative front plate of the sink into a useful hidey hole for sponges, scrubbers, soaps and more.  The kit is available in plastic or stainless steel and is available in two sizes (the kit includes two trays with hardware to install).  The Dish Towel Holder installs with just 2 screws to the inside of the sink cabinet  to  give you three compact towel racks and keep them from cluttering the kitchen.Mounted Door Kit

Trash cans often contribute to kitchen clutter – so why not stash it somewhere?  The Pullout Trash Can System and Cabinet Door Mounting kit makes it easy to access your trash while still keeping it tucked away. The pull out system is designed for a 13 gallon tall kitchen trashcan. Choose a standard 15” cabinet and install the hardware to the floor of the cabinet.  There also is an option to purchase the cabinet door mounting kit where the cabinet door is attached to the pull out system.  By pulling the handle of the cabinet, the trash receptacle follows suit.  What an efficient way of tossing your garbage!

When I was younger I was often found hiding in the cabinet playing with my mother’s pots and pans.  While that may have been fun for me at the time, my poor mom was constantly rewashing them – essentially wasting her time.  Digging through an assortment of pots and the corresponding lids is another waste of time. Pot and Pan Organizer and Pots and Pan Lid organizer make it easier to spot the lid you need without clanging your way through the others.  The slide-out shelf holds up to 6 pots and pans in your standard 15” cabinet (and no space for children!).  The Lid Organizer fits perfectly above it on the second shelf  and holds the corresponding lids to the pots and pans below.

Lazy SusanThere are spice organization systems for a wide variety of spaces.  No shelf room?  Try a cabinet door mounted system!  Are your spices all buried in the cabinet?  Try a Lazy Susan or a Pull-Out Basket.  These organizers also have a wide variety of used beyond spices.  The Door-mount Tray System allows versatile shelf heights and additional shelves.  A metal basket pull out organizer installs in a cabinet shelf and features a grated bottom and basket with sides to properly secure your paprika or parsley.  The classic lazy Susan organizer from Hardware Resources  is 4 inches tall with an 18 inch diameter – easily fitting your spices, teas, or other pantry goods.  The swivel action allows access to view all items.  Alphabetize them for added organization.

Free up more space in your cabinet by storing cookie sheets and cutting boards vertically with a Tray Organizer.  Add extra vertical space by installing the 10” tall tray organizer several inches away from the cabinet wall.  If space is hard to come by, the organizer can be installed flush with the wall.

Complete with a towel holder, the supply caddy installs under a sink and pulls out for easy access to the cleaning supplies that often get lost in the back of the cabinet.  Avoid repurchasing lost items with the pull out system. The bottom of your cabinet will not get ruined with accidental leakage because everything is kept together.

wbh-dbac-rasA mounted wine rack might be just the ticket for upgrading your bar area or to dedicate a small space in your kitchen for entertaining.  Add a Stem Glass Organizer with an under the cabinet wine rack to keep items handy without cannibalizing counter-top space.  The hardware is easy to install and then the bottles and glasses are not far from each other. I recommend making this the last of your projects so you can handily crack open that bottle of wine to celebrate the accomplishment of your organization goals.

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