The Best Way to Give a Gift of Money – Balloons!

Money-filled-balloon-close-upHave you every wanted to give a gift of money as a graduation or birthday gift, but you wished it could be more exciting than tucking it in a card?

Imagine showing up to a party with a handful of balloons stuffed with confetti and rolled dollar bills.  It wouldn’t be as easy as just opening an envelope…how much fun would it be to have them bursting balloons with confetti and money flying in the air?  Let the party begin!

Today, at Zinger Hardware, we had a customer do just that.  They came in with a handful of bills and we filled 25 balloons with rolled dollar bills.  We rolled and filled, rolled and filled and the gift was a huge success!

Of course, if you want to remain friendly with the party host, you could also go sans confetti.  Additionally, I would not recommend this for an outdoor party…

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