Infuse and Imbibe!

Infused-water-doneSummer is hot in Texas and it’s important to keep hydrated!  I try to drink lots of water generally but sometimes I want to switch up my beverages without reaching for a soda or other sugary drink.  But I also need it to be easy – because if it’s not easy – it’s likely that I won’t get around to doing it as much as I’d like.

At a recent massage they gave me a very refreshing glass of cucumber infused water and now I’m hooked.  I would really like to be able to have that in a grab and go option in the fridge.

When Zinger got the the Ball Jar Infuser, I had to try it.  It’s located right next to all those classic mason jars and pickling supplies that make me want to learn to make jams, jellies and pickles for all my friends – ooh, and also such pretty vintage blue and green mason jars too!  The Ball brand infuser is easy and works with wide mouth mason jars – so you can choose a wide mouth pint or quart jar – I went quart size.  A perforated tube unscrews from the green top, so you can just put your items in the tube and attach it back to the top.

One of my friends had just brought me some amazing Fredericksburg (Texas) peaches so I reached for those and added frozen blueberries because I generally have those on hand, but of course, fresh berries would be my preference.   I chopped the peaches into medium-size pieces and stuffed them down the tube alternating with the berries, filled the jar with water Peach-Blueberry-infused-waterand put the top on.  It sat overnight in the fridge and I grabbed it for work the next morning.  A bonus is the lid to the jar has a top like a travel mug with a drinking hole so you don’t have to worry about pouring it into another container or straining out the food pieces.  This hole also fits a straw – which is what I really liked.

I love the peach blueberry infused water, so I ventured on to strawberry thyme and cucumber mint – all were great and I’m continuing to come up with more concoctions.  Oh, and BONUS – if you get bored with infused water concoctions (and are of proper drinking age, of course), you can venture on to infuse your booze!  Try vodka, gin, tequila and more!

Here are some great infuser combos to get you started:Ball-Infuser-with-Strawberry-Thyme

  • Strawberries and a spring of thyme
  • Chopped cucumbers and mint or basil leaves (I crinkled the leaves a bit to release the flavors)
  • Fresh (or frozen!) fruit and berries
  • Blueberry Peach
  • Cucumber Lime
  • Strawberry Lemon Basil
  • Orange Blueberry
  • Try cilanto or lavendar with berries or citrus!
  • Add honey or vanilla
  • Have fun!


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