Easy Weather-Proof Outdoor Patio Lighting

Hanging-light-ball-with-mini-Christmas-lightsA few years ago, we lost our big beautiful backyard shade tree and built a pergola to provide some shade while we patiently waited for our small trees to grow.  We covered the pergola with shade cloth and vines, but had not thought up a good way to provide centralized outdoor lighting for weather-safe-outdoor-chandelierwhen we are out on our patio in the evenings.  Originally, I had imagined a funky pendant light to be a nice focal point, but was unable to find a nice weather-proof outdoor option since we don’t have a waterproof covering.  We made do with little twinkling Christmas lights for a while, but we still needed more light – ideally enough to at least enjoy a book outdoors in the evening.

I3-Hanging-light-ball-chandelier found my solution in pretty, twinkling starlight globe lights.  They are made for hanging outdoors in trees, from eaves and more, but I was inspired to create my own outdoor weather-proof chandelier for our pergola.  Essentially, these mini light balls are clusters of mini Christmas lights with little plastic star covers to reflect the light in interesting ways. By clustering and staggering three of these twinkling light balls together, there was plenty of light by which to read and enjoy the patio in the dark evenings and a funky twinkling chandelier emerged.  Since they have a plug similar to Christmas lights, I was able to connect them together with one plug.  They also come with hanging strings to make installation even easier – no wiring or special tools were needed! Additionally, these hanging light balls can be from trees or used as corner swag lights indoors.  They cast a warm light that is very pleasant to read by – indoors or out!

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