Saving Time and Effort in Your Yard Care

deep watering tree roots with tree bagGardening can be a fun hobby, but sometimes it can also be overwhelming and the general maintenance tasks can take so long that you are prevented from working on new projects. With some really simple tools, you can reduce your general maintenance time and avoid wasting resources at the same time.

Tree bags

This brilliant device wraps around the trunk of your small trees so that they get the consistent flow of water that newly planted trees need, but you don’t have to spend hours watering the tree or waste water by using a sprinkler system that really isn’t always effective.  Additionally, since the tree watering bag releases the water slowly, the water reaches deeper down to the roots with no runoff.

By placing edging lower than your mower blades around your flower beds and for use as other boundaries in your yard, you can mow right over the edging instead of trying to mow as close to it as you can. This helps cut down on the time you spend using the weed eater, but allows for a beautifully manicured lawn at the same time.

mulch around plantsMulch
Mulch is great for your yard, easy to maintain, and it can go a long way toward creating boundaries and reducing time spent weeding open areas.   Mulch is material that is applied around the base of plants and it can range from plastic material to organic.  Organic mulches can be purchased at gardening stores, but leaves, grass clipping or paper and cardboard can also be used. Organic mulches have the benefit of eventually being worked into the soil along with their available nutrients.  During hot summer months it helps retain the moisture in the ground for your plants and reduces runoff.   Arborists also recommend using mulch around your trees to conserve water and direct rainwater to the roots nearest the tree’s drip line.   In the winter it can help protect tender roots from the cold. You can even use mulch as a temporary placeholder for areas that you plan to plant in the coming years. Best of all, many counties offer free mulch in the spring and fall.

When you reduce your maintenance tasks and time, you free yourself up to get more enjoyment out of your lawn and garden. This means you can create new flower beds, watch the birds, or just relax in a lawn chair!

2 thoughts on “Saving Time and Effort in Your Yard Care

    • Jen, thanks for your input. These bags are great for trees that are just starting out before they develop their roots, so they are usually just for use in the first year or two. The benefits are having a beautiful healthy tree for years to come as well as convenience and water conservation. There are other options for deep root watering for trees that are not visible, such as the Ross Root Feeder System.


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