DIY How to Create a Spray Paint Stencil

Sammy-Stencil-2So you’ve designed a sweet graphic that you want to paint onto everything you have but you’re just not sure how to it?  Here’s our easy tutorial that works especially well on hard surfaces such as galvanized metal.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Painter’s Tape (the wider – the better, however any width will work in a pinch)
  • X-Acto or Utility Knife (have a few brand new blades available and you will be happier with the results)
  • Your design on regular paper
  • Extra cardboard/sheets of paper to prevent overspray
  • Spray paint

First, using long strips of painter’s tape, completely cover the area where you want your design to go.  Place the sheets of paper with your design where you wuld like them and affix them securely with tape.  Using a brand new, sharp blade in your X-Acto knife, carefully cut along the line of your design.  Use enough pressure to cut through the paper and the tape, but not enough to scratch the surface below.  If your paper or tape isn’t cutting smoothly, you need a new blade in your knife.

Once you have traced the whole design with your blade, carefully peel the tape within your design away and your stencil will appear.  Be sure to press down firmly on all tape edges remaining to keep your paint lines exact.  If you are using spray paint, cover the rest of the object with cardboard, paper or a tarp to protect it from overspray.  Following the manufacturers’ recommendations, paint the area.   Allow the paint to dry completely, then pull the tape off and see your work of art!

We painted our stencil onto a galvanized stock tank with wheels that was to be used as a mobile beverage tub for parties.



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