DIY Galvanized Stock Tank Cooler on Wheels

Galvanized-Tub-Stock-Tank-Cooler-on-wheels-smallerAre your parties too cool for a plain old plastic cooler?  Class it up with a customized cooler on wheels made from a stock tank.  This mobile tank works great for getting your cooler from one place to the other, although once it’s full it will be heavy!

We had local University of Texas Fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu present a challenge to us to create a beverage tub on wheels from a galvanized stock tank for their parties.  They needed it to be mobile to allow easy transporting from storage to the party where they could fill it up with their beverages of choice.  For an added touch of class, they also wanted “TEXAS” and their Greek letters to be painted on the side.  It sounded great and we took on the challenge!  Here’s what we came up with.

Supplies you will need:

  • Stock Tank – choose an appropriate size for the occasion and keep in mind that once it is full of ice and beer it will be very heavy.  We used a 4′ x 2′ x 2′ galvanized metal stock tank.
  • 2  – 10″ Tires
  • 1 – Replacement Igloo Cooler Plug
  • 29″ Rod for an axle plus nuts and washers to attach tires
  • 2 Brackets to attach axle to tub
  • 3/4″ long bolts (qty varies)
  • 1″ stainless washers (qty varies)
  • 1″ rubber washers (qty varies)
  • Small metal washers
  • Lock nuts
  • Tube of Silicone Sealant
  • 27″ bracket and 11″ bracket to create front brace OR 2 5″ Heavy Duty Rotating Casters
  • Metal Handle(s)
  • Bottle opener (optional)
  • Drill, drill bit to go through metal, hole saw (for installing cooler plug), wrench, etc.
  • Painters Tape
  • Spray Paint

Proper-Bolt-placementBuild complete axle with wheels and drill holes through the bottom of the tub where you would like to attach the axle brackets.  When placing any bolts through the tub, make sure the head of the bolt is on the inside of the tub to avoid injury when the tub is in use.  Please see the diagram for the proper placement of washers.  The 1″ stainless washer should be next to the head of the bolt, then the rubber washer, add silicone around the hole, stick the bolt through the hole, add hardware then the small washer and lock nut (see photo and diagram).

Bend the 27″ bracket and the 11″ bracket to the desired brace shape (5 inches high if you are using a 10″ wheel) and attach with bolts, washers, silicone and locking nuts in the manner listed above. If you are using casters attach them in the same manner.

Detail-ShotsDrill a hole in the back Add a handle at the front or two on either side if preferred.  Although we didn’t add it to this particular model, we thought a wall mount bottle opener would make a nice touch.

Stay tuned for our instructions on how to create a stencil to spray paint on your design…coming soon!


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