Use Oilcloth to Jazz up Plain Jane Cabinets

Oilcloth-cupboard-liningsby Claudia Hausken

Bright, colorful and water wipe-able, oilcloth is a fabulous material.  Often used for tablecloths, shelf liners, seat cushionsbibs, bags and more – oilcloth has many uses around the kitchen.  This time though, I decided to turn it on its edge.

My house was built in the 60s and the kitchen looks it – with its quaint white “country kitchen” cabinetry and all.  I actually like the vintage look, but I wanted to add a pop of color and I love the vintage cherries on turquoise oilcloth pattern that we have at Zinger Hardware.  I thought about using it as shelf paper, but realized I wouldn’t get to enjoy it as much as the cabinets shelves are pretty high.  Instead, I cut pieces to size and attached them to the back of the cabinet as a backdrop for my dishes, glasses and cups.  So now, my kitchen looks calm with its plain white cabinets, but as guests go to get a glass for their water they are wowed by this fun bright (and easily wipeable) pattern.

Aqua-Cherries-Oilcloth-TableclothIt’s easy to do.  Just measure the back of your cabinets and cut your oilcloth to those measurements.  Stick it up with plain old double stick tape – I used lots of small pieces to make it easier to work with and to hold up better.  Mine has been up nearly two years now with no issues.  If you want to tie it all together – use the same pattern oilcloth for a kitchen tablecloth.  It won’t fray so you don’t have to worry about one more sewing project – just cut it to size.

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