Hiding a Rain Collection Tank

Rain collection tank wrapped in ranch wire
Rain catchment is a wonderful thing!  It conserves water and makes your landscape plants happy and beautiful.  Galvanized metal rain cisterns can be quite handsome, but some of the others may need some sprucing up…

We have a solution!  Create a beautiful rose or vine-covered wrap for your tank.  It’s easy – here’s how:

  • Purchase ranch wire that is the height of your rain collection tank in a length that allows you to have about 1 foot of overlap when wrapped around your tank.  We suggest the diameter of your ranch wire circle be about 2 inches wider than your tank to allow an inch of clearance all the way around the tank about an inch of clearance  between the tank and the wire.
  • If you have your rain harvesting tank elevated on landscaping bricks or a fire ring filled with crushed granite you will need to decide whether you want the wire circle to rest on the ground or on top of the fire ring and incorporate this into your design and measurements.
  • clamp-together-ranch-wireUse wire fastener clips or aluminum tie wire to secure the ranch wire fencing together to hold the circle shape.   Sometimes fencing companies will do this for you if you give them the measurements you need.
  • Place your wire circle over your rain collection tank and you are ready to plant your climbing plant.   We have had great success with roses on ranch wire by our courtyard at Zinger Hardware & General Merchant.  But there are also some great native non-invasive vining plants that would work well, many with pretty flowers.

Pink-Roses-on-Ranch-WireDepending on the maintenance you would like and size of the area you are looking to cover (as some vines grow quickly), Carolina Jessamine and Crossvine are two native evergreen vines to try.  If you want to read more on these and other native Texas vines, check out the awesome Grow Green Guide Native and Adapted Plants put out by Texas AgriLife Extension and The City of Austin.

Trumpet vine on ranch wire

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