Why Washer Pitching Is Great for Tailgating and Family Fun

Pitching Washers Tailgater Board

You may have heard of Cornhole or Ladder Nuts – but have you discovered the fun of washer toss gamesWasher pitching games bring the challenge of those outdoor games down to size. This backyard game has deep ties in the south and its popularity seems to be spreading north as well.  It is a great social game and can be played with a beer in hand – which is why you may have seen some washer pits at bars or restaurants with outdoor patio areas. You can play anywhere! Whether it’s a family get together, game night, or a cookout, you will have a blast with washer toss games. It’s a game of luck, chance and also a bit of skill to make sure your washer lands where you want it to. Zinger Hardware has everything you need to get started, including an introductory Pit Kit game set.

If you were ever any good at the college game of Quarters or enjoy the challenge of Cornhole, then you will love washer toss games. Do you remember when you had a bean bag toss at school? This is the same concept on a smaller scale. Similar to horseshoes, standing near one pit cup, you pitch washers underhand toward the opposite pit cup. Points are awarded according to proximity to the hole – more points if you make it into the pit cup!

Custom design washers

Once you’ve discovered the challenge of Washers, you may want to invest in custom decorative designed or college logo washers or even a  special tailgater red zone football washer toss board. While we would never advise gambling, a challenge over who washes the car or does the dishes could be fun!

Challenge yourself, friends and family to a rousing game any time you are in the mood to embrace the spirit of competition. The boards come in one and three hole options for more scoring choices and difficulty levels. A typical “pit kit” starter washer game set includes: 8 washers, 2 carrying cases, 2 PVC cups, and instructions. This is all you need to get started. There are also some amazing custom and designer washers available. These work great for traveling to washer competitions or bars with washer pits already set up and make your washers easily identifiable. Washer toss games are fun for all ages. Adults and children alike will enjoy the challenge, competition, and coordination building that these games provide.


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