The Classic Beauty of Adirondack Chairs

Adirondacks-on-boat-dockAdirondack chairs have been a favorite for patio and deck furniture for years. First designed in 1903 when Thomas Lee needed a place to rest while vacationing in the Adirondack Mountains, these chairs are a staple of outdoor décor. Today’s styles are similar to those that first appeared at vacation homes throughout the Adirondacks, but there are many more options for using this furniture to accent your outdoor décor.

Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose the perfect hues for your porch, deck, or patio. Bright colors are perfect for modern homes, while brown, green, and white are ideal for older, vintage homes. You can even mix and match colors to create a unique look for your outdoor space.

Big and small Adirondacks

Traditional Adirondack chairs were made from wood such as hemlock or pine. However, these woods are susceptible to rotting and mildew and require frequent treatment with primer and UV rated paint. Modern Adirondack chairs have been developed that can withstand the hot Texas sun without splitting, cracking or chipping and require little to no maintenance. These durable, commercial-grade patio chairs are made from eco-friendly recycled plastic lumber that have the color throughout (not just on the surface) so it does not crack or peel. These sturdy, high quality Adirondack chairs come in traditional neutral colors as well as fun bright colors to add an accent of color to your porch or patio.

You can also choose from extra options that fit your needs. Cup holders and lumbar support pillows add to the beauty of these chairs, giving you the perfect place to lounge on a warm summer day. Colored headrest pillows are designed to coordinate with the color options for the chairs to create a pulled-together look.  Additionally, some manufacturers have adapted the traditional deep-seated angle to a more upright Adirondack to accommodate those who may have difficult rising from or sitting in a traditional chair.   This style has been so popular over the decades that you can also find rockers, gliders, swings and even children’s Adirondack chairs.


The unique angle of the Adirondack chair is created for comfort. The wide arms offer the perfect resting place for your favorite book or for your e-reader. No matter how you plan to spend the summer on your deck, these chairs are a great place to kick back and relax.

Adirondack chairs have remained popular throughout the years for a reason. The beautiful silhouette and comfortable design makes it easy to relax on a clear day, and the range of modern colors makes it easy to create the ultimate look for your outdoor space.

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